Throughout the FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic, viewers will be rewarded with in-game items and FACEIT Points throughout the event for watching and participating.

What items can I receive for watching the event?

Limited-time exclusive gear will be dropped throughout the event to fans watching on Twitch! Fans can receive the IGL and GOSU t-shirts for watching the inaugural PUBG Classic event.

We’ll be distributing prizes worth 200M FACEIT points over the course of the FACEIT Global Summit. These points can be redeemed on for real-world prizes, in-game items and other rewards.

How to receive in-game items for watching the FACEIT Global Summit

The FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic will be shown live on FACEIT’s Twitch Channel between 16th-21st April.

The drops can be received by connecting your Twitch account to your FACEIT account using the new FACEIT Drops Twitch extension that will automatically identify and select winners! Don’t have a FACEIT account? Sign up here!

Drops for event attendees coming to the ExCeL London

All attendees of the FACEIT Global Summit who actively participate at the event will receive in-game items, both the GOSU and IGL tees and the Esports Cat Face Mask!

To receive drops, please ensure that you have a FACEIT account. Once you have a FACEIT account, ensure your FACEIT account is linked to the Steam account you wish to receive drops on.

Now that you’ve signed into your FACEIT account, head over to our ticket partner, The Ticket Fairy, and sign into the account you purchased your tickets with. Navigate to “Orders”, and locate your FACEIT Global Summit tickets.

Begin the process of linking the ticket you purchased to your FACEIT account, by selecting the “Connect FACEIT Account” button on the ticket.

A sign in window will open, and then follow the steps to connect your FACEIT account to your Global Summit ticket. This will be confirmed with the message @Connected to XXXXX”.

The FACEIT Global Summit: PUBC Classic is taking place in ICC ExCeL London! 24 of the world’s best PUBG teams will be battling it out in England’s capital and tickets are still available! Tickets can be purchased in weekend and day formats. Please head to our dedicated ticket site to explore the various options and purchase your ticket.