FACEIT Global Summit: Sunday Roast Showmatch. 64 streamers, pros and special guests will drop into three maps and use custom in-game settings to battle it out for up to $50,000!

The format for the FACEIT Global Summit Sunday Roast Showmatch is duos, and 32 pairs have teamed up to drop into Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi, consisting of streamers, FACEIT PUBG Showdown winners, and pros!

The showmatch will take place on Sunday April 21st on the final day of the tournament at ExCeL London, and will see some of the biggest names in battle royale esports compete in duos alongside pro players, broadcast talent, and players from the community who have qualified through the Showdown monthly cups.

The Teams

Cyanide & EdbergTweeday & sprEEEzyDanucd & ScoomWhiteydude & w1ckk
TSM BreaK & TSM RawryyTSM mykLe & TSM Wookiebookiefrosz & TeaBoneDjoula & ioRek
Ciggzy & K4ZZKompot_Trash & Camca2M8O & BobthebestKnorkiS & ghostar
dodiiikkk & EnthoryFaZe Fuzzface & FaZe UbahFGS Pro PlayersFGS Pro Players
FGS Pro PlayersFGS Pro PlayersFGS Pro PlayersFGS Pro Players
FGS Pro PlayersFGS Pro PlayersFGS Pro PlayersFGS Pro Players
FGS Pro PlayersFGS Pro PlayersFGS Pro PlayersFGS Pro Players
FGS Pro PlayersFGS Pro PlayersSteve McNeil & FACEIT Special Guest Marcus Bronzy & FACEIT Special Guest

The Format

32 sets of duos will descend onto Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi for three maps of action-packed gameplay, using custom settings that are designed to maximise carnage:

Mode 1

Mode 1 sees the duos head to Miramar, where weapon spawns will only include Kar98k, M24, SLR, SKS and shotguns. Keep an eye out for long-range sniper battles.

Mode 2

Sanhok will host mode 2 of the Sunday Roast Showmatch, and features heavily reduced loot spawns. Crate drops, however, will be in abundance, and flareguns will be aplenty. Expect to see heavily geared duos battling it out through the jungles of Sanhok.

Mode 3

Mode 3 heads to the snowy mountains of Vikendi, where only utilities like frag grenades and melee weapons will be found. Without a single gun in sight, players will be forced to jump into a car and take to weaponizing their vehicle.

Dates & times

The FACEIT Global Summit Sunday Roast showmatch will begin at 10:30AM on Sunday 21st April – just before the Grand Final.

Prize pool: Up to $50,000 on the line

With a custom format, we need a special set of prizes. We’ve created exciting bounties to spice up the action:

  • Each kill is worth $50
  • Chicken dinner, $5000
  • Final kill with a frag grenade, molotov or melee weapon, $2500
  • Kill a special guest, that’s $500
  • More than 10 individual kills in a single match $2000

There’s up to $50,000 on the line over three modes – will we see the players go for the safe chicken dinner, or pull out a pan and deliver a final blow worth an extra $2500?

Stay tuned for more news and announcements about the competing teams and special guests on @FACEITPUBG.